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- Dept. of Justice, FBI Certified Agency

About Us

We at MyLive Scan, provide In-Office (Walk-in without appointment) and Onsite (At your doorstep) fingerprinting services both Computer-based and Ink (card) based to Northern California and surrounding cities. Saving your time and providing fingerprinting services with utmost quality and security is our primary objective i.e. creating the utmost convenience and ease for all your live scan fingerprint service needs. We look forward to being the company, which you will proudly recommend to your friends and family. We are committed to being a company that is efficient, friendly, and gives back to the community.

Company Unique Facts


Our company strives to make the live scan completion process easy to obtain and hassle free.


Our goal is to provide the applicant a fast, simple, convenient, and professional fingerprinting experience.


We understand that the sooner the background check process is completed, the sooner you can become licensed or employed.

Our Company

Who We Are?

We provide the highest level of safety and security. Our company was founded due to the increasing need for high quality PSP (Peer Service Provider) in California. We provide the safety and security you expect while keeping your information private. Our Department of Justice Certified Fingerprint Specialist's use their training and expertise to capture your information quickly and accurately the first time. Our staff has more than 20-years combined experience capturing fingerprints. We are committed to providing the most prompt and convenient service to our community, our neighbors, our partners, and our employees.


What We Do?

Our agency is a duly authorized Department of Justice and FBI certified fingerprinting service provider to electronically capture and submit fingerprints for licensure, certification, volunteer, job, business permit, record review, immigration clearance or licenses and /or employment purposes.
We also offer mobile Live Scan fingerprinting service. Directly partnered with the Department of Justice, we securely submit your fingerprints and associated information within seconds rather than days. Servicing Northern California with multiple "Live Scan" machines, we can meet your group or individual needs seven days a week. Please call our Read more... toll free number for additional information regarding appointments and fees.

How We Do?

  • State-of-the-art technology is used to capture fingerprint information.
  • Equipment is manufactured and maintained by experts to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Accurate information collection and accuracy are our top priorities.
  • Well-trained, experienced Fingerprint Specialists certified by the California Department of Justice.
  • Specialists adhere to the DOJ guidelines for processing fingerprint information.
  • Highly trained fingerprint technicians roll fingerprints and transmit application data Read more... electronically for criminal history background checks and clearance.
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Trust the expertise of Department of Justice certified Fingerprint specialists.
MyLive Scan is here to provide you with professional, confident, efficient, secure and safe service.
We are here to serve you and meet the requirements of our Community. Reach out to MyLive Scan for all your fingerprinting requirements.

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